The Irish Sangha Trust (IST) was established in 2011 to support and foster teaching and meditation practice in the Theravada Buddhist tradition in Ireland. The Irish Sangha Trust is non-profit Buddhist organization, entirely dependent on the generosity of the public for voluntary donations.

Our annual schedule includes regular workshops, retreats and meditation sittings. Events are open to everyone from beginners to experienced practitioners. We welcome you to join our spiritual friends network and experience the profound benefits of meditation practice.

"Faith in Mind" Zen Meditation Retreat with Venerable Sister Jinho from Taiwan

Saturday, July 25th - Sunday, July 26th, 2015

Based on teachings by The Third Patriarch Seng Ts'an and contemporary Chan Master Sheng-yen, Sister Jinho will lead practitioners to explore and try to find True Faith in their own Mind/Heart. 'True faith in mind is the belief grounded in realization that we have a fundamental, unmoving, unchanging mind. This mind is precisely Buddha mind.' 

Ven. Jinho took ordination in the Chinese Chan (Zen) tradition with Master Sheng Yen in 2000, training intensively in the Dharma Drum Mountain Monastery in Taiwan for six years. Meanwhile, she studied at the Dharma Drum Buddhist University for four years, majoring in Buddhist doctrines, Vinaya (Buddhist precepts) and Chan practice. She arrived in England in 2007 and and wrote a dissertation on Buddhist monasticism in Britain with the University of Bristol. She teaches Zen meditation, spiritual healing group and Dharma reading groups at the Multifaith Chaplaincy Centre of Bristol University.

This retreat is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners. It is possible to attend one day only or both days.

The retreat is combination of walking and sitting meditation with Dharma reflections.  With a special evening walking meditation and sky gazing practice (weather permitting). Keeping 8 precepts, noble silence, in order to completely focus on inner world so preferably no reading, phoning, texting during the day.

Venue: Ranelagh, Dublin 6. See map and directions here.

Date: Saturday, July 25th - Sunday, July 26th, 2015

Time: 9:30 - 17:30

Fee: 30 Euro for 2 days, 20 Euro for 1 day (a few bursaries are available, please write in confidence to to apply). The teaching itself is offered on free basis and neither the teacher nor organizers financially benefit from the event (the teacher and organizers are volunteers). The fee is used to cover the cost of running the event.

Lunch: We will share a vegetarian lunch at about 12 noon on both days. Please bring some food to share if you wish to join in. 

Places are limited, early registration is essential.

Registration: please click here (or contact us at

  • In order to make a secure booking, please complete the online booking form.
  • Remember to pre-register before evening on the Friday preceding the retreat. Please do not assume there will be space available at the last minute.

On the day:

  • Please be seated in the meditation hall at least 5 minutes before the session. Comfortable clothing is recommended. Dressing in layers is also a good idea.
  • Please bring some food for a shared vegetarian lunch, if you wish to join us for the midday meal. 
  • Refreshments, CDs and Dharma books are available for free distribution.

Dana (Donation)

Dana to the teacher.

Dana to Irish Sangha Trust (IST). Any donation made to the IST will be used to cover the cost of the retreat. The organizers of IST are volunteers and do not financially benefit from the IST funds.














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