The Irish Sangha Trust (IST) was established in 2011 to support and foster teaching and meditation practice in the Theravada Buddhist tradition in Ireland. The Irish Sangha Trust is non-profit Buddhist organization, entirely dependent on the generosity of the public for voluntary donations.

Our annual schedule includes regular workshops, retreats and meditation sittings. Events are open to everyone from beginners to experienced practitioners. We welcome you to join our spiritual friends network and experience the profound benefits of meditation practice.

Women's circle - a nourishing day retreat for female empowerment with Ilaria Bertuola

Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

A women circle is a safe and sacred space of sisterhood, held by women for women. 

We gather for a day with the February new moon, to replenish and nurture ourselves. A women circle is a space of mutual empowerment, reciprocity, sharing and rest. 

We will immerse ourselves in nourishing practices that support us in our journey, exploring our specific needs as female spiritual practitioners.

The day will include periods of silent and guided meditation, sharing circles, gentle movement practice and chants. 

Women of all ages after menarche are welcome to come along. Babies in arms are welcome too.

If you can, please bring a yoga mat, a blanket and a cushion with you. You are welcome to bring an object or a piece of nature to co-create our altar.

For our lunch break, please bring some vegetarian food to share with the other women.

To participate,  please write to Michelle ( to book a place and get directions. 

Where: Dhamma House, Terenure

When: 9:30am - 4pm


About the facilitator: 


Her journey through female spirituality begins in 2008 with a history dissertation on the medieval mystic Marguerite Porete. 

She’s been facilitating women circles and healing retreats for women since 2012. The main focus of the gatherings is the empowerment of women through gender specific spiritual practices and technologies, mutual support and community building. 

She works with groups and individuals with different tools, such as rituals and rites of passage, menstrual cycle awareness, sharing circles, meditative circle dances, mindful touch, tantric yoga for women, yoga nidra, goddesses archetype work, etc.

She’s a qualified Yoga Therapist for women’s health and wellbeing with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli’s method.














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